Lumen (noun) in Latin means light, which photography is all about to capture what it touched. All pictures posted, shot by me, Vuong Nguyen, the photography enthusiast.

I was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. I love aesthetic, art, travel and stories. I am working in creativity and communication industry as an indie creative. I create concepts, tell stories by using various medias, but most of the time is visual art, I love to tell stories by images.

In mid-2018, after a short course of photography, I decided to upgrade his Sony NEX-5N to a more advanced one, the Sony A6300 camera. Then I discovered that I like street-style or street photography, which the subjects are broad and interesting.

I like to capture the unprepared, natural moment of people’s emotion or action. I freeze it, frame it, grow it in the darkroom (or the photo processing apps) then expose it back to life. I enjoyed the process, the hunt, the moment when I whisper to myself ‘this is it’. When I hit the trigger, the sound of shutter close let me know that a picture is born.

Welcome to the Lumen village.

For the commercial works, please visit Lumina Gallery , a boutique and friendly photography studio located in busy district in central Saigon.

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